Conférence de Fadi Balaawi : Conservation work based on rapid condition assessment: Is it realistic?

Publié le 12 avril 2019 Mis à jour le 14 avril 2019
le 17 avril 2019
Salle D30, Maison de la Recherche

Dr. Fadi Balaawi est directeur du Département des Sciences de conversations, Faculté Reine Rania du tourisme et du patrimoine, Université Hachémite, Jordanie.

Resume : 
Condition assessment is a central part of good management practice for stone whether the stone is part of a functioning building, a ruin or an ancient monument. The current paper aims to present a comprehensive scheme that is capable of sitting priorities of conservation work in large heritage sites. The presented scheme is a very effective system in terms of scientific evaluation, cost and time efficiency. It is mainly based on fieldwork evaluation of the main decay features within studied monuments, structure size, structure decoration and accessibility as well tourism importance. The sachem is a very promising one to be applied in Jordanian heritage site such as Petra and Jerash and other related sites.